We are committed to meet client expectations and provide quality results. This commitment, coupled with the experience in using proven system testing techniques, paves the way for high level of customer satisfaction in our engagements.
  Our consultants are experts in ERP technology and have outstanding technical, functional and project management skills. Whether you need one resource or a whole team, we can quickly deploy consultants to meet your needs.
  We offer a full array of services that support business strategies and facilitate improvements for customers in select verticals. Drawing upon extensive capabilities in business processes.
PRGS can help in developing a Unified Customer Interface model to track all customer information in a single instance and give a global view of customers by implementing, customizing, integrating, testing, tuning, and administering best-of-breed CRM packages using best practices and methodologies.
Believing in the necessity of being at home while at work, PRGS has always aspired to provide a work culture that brings to its people, a feeling of togetherness and lasting relationships. At PRGS you work on leading technologies and challenging processes in a global work environment.
PRGS is a premier training organization with proven excellence in nurturing and enhancing careers through Information Technology (IT), Mobile Telephony and soft skills training and certification. With more than 5 years of excellence in catering to the needs of both individual and enterprise customers.
PRGS is a established in 2008. In the simplest terms, PRGS provides your business with the horsepower. The power to drive your IT machine faster and more efficiently to successful outcomes.