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PRGS can help in developing a Unified Customer Interface model to track all customer information in a single instance and give a global view of customers by implementing, customizing, integrating, testing, tuning, and administering best-of-breed CRM packages using best practices and methodologies.
Believing in the necessity of being at home while at work, PRGS has always aspired to provide a work culture that brings to its people, a feeling of togetherness and lasting relationships. At PRGS you work on leading technologies and challenging processes in a global work environment.
PRGS is a premier training organization with proven excellence in nurturing and enhancing careers through Information Technology (IT), Mobile Telephony and soft skills training and certification. With more than 5 years of excellence in catering to the needs of both individual and enterprise customers.
PRGS is a established in 2008. In the simplest terms, PRGS provides your business with the horsepower. The power to drive your IT machine faster and more efficiently to successful outcomes.